Shore Excursion in Tuscany

We provide all the most unforgettable day tours from the Ports of Livorno (Cruise Critic writes “Florence Port”), and from La Spezia Port (Disney Crusie)-
Tours will be provided by one at your disposal for any necessity during the day, as well from Florence we would suggest to ask us to provide you for Museum advanced reservations, to avoid, in the season, the usual long queue of Visitors and safe a lot of time in the day.

This service is provided on a complementary base.
Reservations are required for the Accademy of Fine arts (Florence, David by Michelangelo) and for the Uffizi Gallery.

Available on request any possible customized personal tours all over the region of Tuscany, the below tours are proposed considering the distances and the time that we are obliged to follow due the Ship arrivals and departures.

We guarantee in the day our higher assistance to offer a really unforgettable tour.

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Florence and Pisa tour
On your choice you may choose to go first to Florence and pm. In the afternoon, here is a briefly description of the day:

Start visiting Florence, our first stop in the town will be from Piazzale Michelangelo, a breathtaking view overlooking the town, there our description of the most important Florentine sites, palaces, churches, of course a point will be to the Pontevecchio, one of the emblems of the capital of the Renaissance, Florence. If you have chosen to see the original David finished in 1504 and other masterpieces by Michelangelo, as the Slaves, Saint pisaMatthew etc.- our next step is the Accademy of Fine Arts, here we have already provided you of the required reservation (to be reserved in advance, at no additional charges) to skip the usual long lines of visitors. Continuing our tour of Florence, a visit to the main Cathedral “Santa Maria del Fiore” and the Baptistery, you will discover another jewel of the town. Just consider that Florence is world known as one of the most beautiful cities. After that, we will be in the real centre, Piazza della Repubblica, in commemoration of Florence as the New Capital of Italy, 1865-1871. free time walking around and to admire Signoria Square its Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi and the gallery where under the arches are the statues of the most important Personages as Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Galileo Galilei etc., who have made Florence great. At the end of the passage the silver river signoriaArno will offer you the view of the Ponte Vecchio with its tinyes jewels and gold shops, shopping and lunch time is here at your choice.

Pisa, built by the Romans, already known in the 2nd. Century b.C. grown as one of the most important marine republic City State, in the middle ages. The commercial and naval port of Pisa made the fortune of the town. Our first step is the Piazza dei Miracoli, a grassy square where are the jewels of the Romansque-Pisano architecture as the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Munumental Cemetery and of course the Pisa’s leaning Tower. Next is the Piazza dei Cavalieri, designed by Vasari recalling us the Kinghts of St.Stephen.

Pisa and Lucca tour
Lucca the walled town (provided on a walking tour, no extra fees).pisa (1)
Etruscans where here 200 year b.C. in 180 b.C. Lucca became a Roman colony. Still today we can admire traces
of their architectures, as Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, and what are today remaining of the foundaitions of the Lucca’s
Colosseum, Piazza San Michele and its Church, built where was the ancient Roman Forum, the Cathedral of Saint Martin, inside are the Holy Face, and the sarcophagus of Ilaria del Carretto which was made by Jacopo della Quercia. Together we will walk along the narrow roads of the town, discovering details are coming to us from the middle age, as via Fillungo traced by the
Romans, today known as Lucca’s shopping road, the coffee shop where Maestro Giacomo Puccini, born in

Lucca, used to go for his afternoon tea break. Via Buia will surprise us with its oldest food shop and backery where still today Lucchesi people get the fresh bread. Lucca we may say conserve the old traditions of a real Italian Town, and, we will be delighted to show them to you.

Carrara Marble tour

carraraThis day tour is taking us to the Apuane Alps, all here is talking about the whitest variety of Marble in theforte World, is from here that marbles used by Michelangelo and other most important Sculptors are arriving to us still today, as the Davis, The Pietà, The blocks of the Slaves etc. Our first stop in the day is Pietrasanta the town has known as the sanctuary of international sculptors and artists, Fernando Botero, Henry Moore, we will visit the Bozzetti’s Museums, with all the plaster samples of the Artists. Of course here we are in the area of the proper Carrara Quarries, we will take you to see a real still operation cave called Inferno “the Hell” as well to Fantiscritti marble cave and its open air Marble Museum. If we may suggest, here in the town of the miners “Colonnata” is in  real exclusively opportunity to taste some of the delicious dishes made with the “Lardo of Colonnata” fat of pork, that was in the past the poor daily food of these simple mountain people, they were risking their lifes every day quarrying the whites stone in the world, “The Marble”.



5 Terre tour – National marine park.
cinqueterre1We are one of the few companies able to provide this service on a fully escorted day tour, as once in the area, driving to all 5 Towns is difficult for the narrow roads and for the time would be necessary, in one day visit with us the 5 Terre as well named 5 Lands. We show you all the entire area on an escorted day tour.
Once arrived in Riomaggiore the first of the 5, we park our Vehicle and we take you to discover the unique cinqueterre2Mediterranean scenery of this part of a region. From the first town, we reach the charming Manarola, this will
be a 20 minutes walk over the Lover’s walk, breathtaking view of the rocky coast, in Manarola we will show the little corners for amazing pictures as well from here we will get the Ferry Boat on the way to Vernazza. While sailing there, will appear to us, from the sea, Corniglia, named as a shell over the

Ligurian sea, it gives us its best view from the boat. cinqueterre3Once docked in Vernazza, a first visit is due to the Church

built in the 1300 over the rocks, in its proper narrow roads taking us to the Genovese watch Tower against the medieval Pirates. Vernazza is the little ones of the 5 , but offers us the nicest feeling with the simple old life of the fishers. The next is Monterosso, the larger one, 1000 inhabitants here, after strolling around watching little shops, the two Curches and ita ancient historical centre, you may take the opportunity to have a nice lunch in one of the local trattorias offering their fresh sea food dishes, to do not forget here, is a nice wine tasting offered to visitors of their splendid whites. Remember this is the land of Cristoforo Colombo.


Chianti wine tour
chianti1That day is something that will take us to the real Tuscan Traditions, in the day we will guide you in the culture, traditions, food and of course the red wine “Chianti”, driving you all around the scenery land south of Florence, a first stop is in Badia a Passignano, the land where Antinori Family is producing some of their chianti_sceltagreatest reds, as the “Badia a Passignano” Chianti Classico and Riserva, as well the supertuscan world known “Tignanello “, after extraordinary pictures of the vineyards and of the Castle our drive will take us to Montefioralle, known as one of the nicest well kept medieval villages in Italy, Amerigo Vespuccio will tell us something about his history. Greve the Capital of the Chianti region will offers us its best in the charming square, all the little shops here are talking about a simple old traditions, to do not miss is the Falorni Butcher shop, free entrance, a large variety of hams hanging from the ceiling as well all variety of meats worked in this famous Family shop, right under the ground is the 1400 cellar, used in the past to store the winter ice for the summer season, now aging the greatest Pecorino Cheeses ( Be careful, the smell is strong).
Of course how we can do the Chianti tour without talking of this splendid red wine based of Sangiovese grapes. We have chianti2reserved for you a private visit of MONTAGLIARI WINE COMPANY,, we will take you to see, in a guided tour, the property, their cellars, where still today aging wines in the 100y.o. Wooden vinobarrels but the highlight is the wine tasting, of Chianti Classico Wines, Riserva, the SuperTuscan Brunesco, a splendid 100% Sangiovese, balsamic vinegars also called “Salsa Di Mosto”, extravirgin olives oil, vinsanto and why not fire in the stomach “the Grappa”.
This place is also a great location where to break the day having a nice lunch, tasting the simple traditional dishes that the Mamma Bruna is cooking for their rustic Restaurant, summer time lunch is served in the Verandah, under the shadow, surrounded by the vineyards. Winter season inside by the fire place.

Option at Montagliari Winery is to dedicate your day learning the art of Cooking, here your English speaking Chef will teach you the secrets of our genuine dishes, always prepared with passion and love, you will cooking with him, some of the great dishes that our Chianti Land offers, of course using the most fresh products of the season. You will prepare together 2 or 3 recipes of Tuscan and Chiantigiana Cuisine that will be enjoyed for your Lunch- the dishes will be of course accompained by the fenomeal Chiantis produced here, with the Vinsanto while having Dessert.

chianti3You will receive a Partecipation Certificate issued by FATTORIA MONTAGLIARI. A different opportunity for you to real taste the Chianti. Competitive costs are on request, for the cooking school minimum number of 4 Students is required. Cost of the school goes in respect of the number of the partecipants.

Other option from Livorno port, would be to do Florence as our first in the morning, here a free charge service would be provided by us in reserving Accademy of Fine arts to see “The David” by Michelangelo or to the “Uffizi Gallery”, this would be necessary to skip the lines of visitors at save time. By noon time we will drive you along the beauty of the country side to reach Montagliari Winery, where we have the above mentioned visit, tastings, and an Epicurean Lunch home prepared by Mamma Bruna.

Siena and San Gimignano tour
palioSiena the legend says the town was founded by Senius, son of Romulos, one of the two Roman Brothers, of coursed the land here was under the Etruscans, named the town Sena. After become part of the Roman Empire took the name of Saena Julia. During the middle age Siena was an extremely important and rich independent state. The period of its maximum splendour was startin in the 1200 due to the government of the Nine, a first form of democracy. 1348 is recalling to the disaster of the plague, Siena suffered greatly, politically and economically, they talk of the 50% of its population died. Instability created after that time by a series of governments, forced Siena to join the Grand Duke State of Tuscany, losing the independence. Since 1402 Siena was ruled by the Medici Family from Florence. Things to do not miss here are the San Domenico Church, where are the Saint siena
Cathrin rilics, as well one most beautiful squares of Europe (Of the World?) the Piazza del Campo, where twice a year, July and August, the town assist at the Palio Race, a rude horse race actracting tourists from all over the world, but the Palio is a race that only who has born in Siena can feel with passion. The highlight of the day is the visit of the “Duomo” also known as the Gothic dream of Siena built from the 1150 and finished in the 1376, san-gimignano-veduta-torrithe most important artists of the renaissance have left here some of their masterpieces as Michelangelo, Pinturicchio, Donatello, Bernini, Jacopo della Quercia, Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. Via di Città is considered the shopping road of the Town.

San Gimignano, probably of Etruscan origins, known as one of the nicest well kept medieval towns in Italy. The origins of the town, named Silvia, goes back to the Roman age. Later it was titled to Saint Gimignano, bishop of Modena to express their gratitude to have help its people to fight the Barbarians. Walking trough the arch gate of Porta San Givanni you will be ready to jump in the medieval age, the town is known for the 14 towers, from the 72 known where there in the in the past. Torre Grossa is the only tower open to the public from its top an amazing view offers you the unique scenery of the valleys surrounding San Gimignano. Hills all around are today producing one of the nicest white wine named “Vernaccia”. Walking by the Duomo or also called “Collegiata” you may reach the ruins of the fort, or the Rocca, built by the Florentines in the middle of the 1400.