Grape harvest in Tuscany

Usually, grape harvest in Tuscany starts in September. It is called “vendemmia” and, beside harvesting the grapes from the vines, is also a great social event. As for many other tradition in Tuscany, even grape harvest include work, fun and good food at the same time.
To obtain a wine of excellent quality, it is necessary to harvest the grapes at the right time when the levels of sugar are at their best. The modern wine companies control the grapes periodically to identify the right time. They count even on their experience and enjoy sharing that moment with everyone who wants to help.
So, if you come to Tuscany in September and want to participate in grape harvest you are welcome.
There are a lot of companies that accept helpers and reward them with wine tasting experiences, tours in the vineyards, visits in the cellar. Is even possible to enjoy a traditional lunch nearby the vineyards or participate to a cooking lesson with a Tuscan chef.
These kind of experiences are particularly charming in the Chianti region, heart of Tuscany. The hills of Chianti are all covered by vineyards and grape harvest happen in a truly breathtaking landscape.
Grape harvest in Tuscany is amazing even in the territory of Val d’Orcia. Here the possibilities to discover traditional, food and wine of Tuscany are, maybe, even more. This area is famous for its natural landscapes characterized by green hills, cypress boulevard, ancient farms and villages. Also, the gastronomy of this part of Tuscany is appreciated and well known all over Italy and abroad. Here are produced the Brunello di Montalcino (red wine) and the Pecorino di Pienza (local sheep cheese).


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