Museums and tasting experiences in Florence

Florence is the capitol of Tuscany and one of the best art cities of Italy. Here have lived and worked some of the most famous Italian artists known and admired all over the world. That’s why, during centuries, Florence has collected an amazing art heritage.
The majority of the art works of Florence are now gathered in its museums, first of all in the Uffizi Gallery. The collection we know today was basically property of the Medici, the family that have run the city for three long centuries.
The paintings and the sculptures located in the museum range from the Roman times to the 17th century. The largest collection is undoubtedly the one of the Renaissance.
Visiting the main museums of Florence, such as the Uffizi Gallery, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Bargello National Museum and Palazzo Pitti, takes almost the whole day. The best way to move from a museum to another is walking. Florence is a great city to walk into because along the streets there are fancy shops and boutiques, cafes, statues, ancient buildings to explore.
After a day spend walking in the city center, it would be great to spend the evening in the relaxing atmosphere of the countryside. Luckily, Florence is surrounded by the countryside so it’s easy to move from the city to the hills and vice versa. The Chianti area is pretty close so is possible to head there in the evening to enjoy a tasting experience of wine and local products. You can even visit the vineyards around the small towns of the Chianti region and appreciate the amazing landscape of the hills.


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