Shore Excursion Siena and San Gimignano

The town of Siena was originally controlled by the Etruscans. Then it became part of the Roman Empire and during the Middle Ages, became an extremely important and rich independent state. The period of its maximum splendor started in 1200 with a first form of democracy. Since 1402 Siena was ruled by the Medici Family. [...]

Shore Excursion Chianti Wine Tour

This tour will allow you to discover the real Tuscan traditions. During the day we will guide you to discover the culture, the traditions, the food and of course the red wine “Chianti”, driving you around this scenery land south of Florence. We’ll stop in amazing places to let you take photos of the vineyards [...]

Shore Excursion Cinque Terre Tour

First of all, arriving at Cinque Terre National Park you' ll see thousands of dry wall terraces carved by the locals eversince the middle ages in wich, grapes, olives and honey are the stars. Riomaggiore is the first of the five towns to be explored. Here you can see a unique Mediterranean scenery. From Riomaggiore [...]

Shore Excursion Carrara Marble Tour

This day tour develop in the territory of the Apuan Alps, in northern Tuscany. Here everything talks about the whitest variety of marble in the world: the marble of Carrara. This same marble was used by Michelangelo and other important sculptors to create their masterpieces.  The David, The Pietà, The Blocks of the Slaves are all [...]

Shore Excursion in Pisa and Lucca

To visit Lucca, the walled city, we also provide a walking tour, no extra fees. Etruscans founded Lucca at least 200 years before Christ. In 180 BC the town became a Roman colony. Lucca is still today rich of roman architectures traces. For example Piazza dell’Anfiteatro was the ancient Colosseum of the town. Then there is Piazza [...]

Shore Excursion in Florence and Pisa

We suggest to go first to Florence and then to Pisa.  Visit to Florence: our first stop will be at Piazzale Michelangelo, a breathtaking panoramic terrace overlooking the city. From this position we can describe you all the most important Florentine attractions: palaces, churches, bridges. Of course we will walk along Ponte Vecchio, with its [...]